Swamped ...

Whew ... the work is piling up. You'd think it was the middle of basketball season or something.

It's just a bad week, man ... the terrible twos are in full bloom, health issues are rearing their ugly heads, our lawn looks like a rain forest it needs cut so badly, new responsibilities at the office. Must be one of those times that Peter talked about when he said, as followers of Christ, our faith will at times be refined by fire. Of course, I don't feel very golden these days.

I know. Boo hoo, right? One of the things I hate about blogs is that most of them are people who just want someone to complain to, even if it is a computer screen.

When I was in college, this girl I knew had an online journal, and she was all the time whining about this and that and, then, writing about it and telling everyone, 'Hey, I just wrote on my online journal! You should read it!" Yeah. Because that's what I want to do, read about your problems after I just heard yourself gripe about them in person for the last few minutes. Sounds very un-Christian, I know. Then, I wasn't really following Christ in those days, so it's OK, right?

So, just tell me to get over myself, and get over it. OK? OK. There. I feel better.

(Not really).

I'll be back to daily postings soon enough, probably by the end of the week. Hope you'll come back now, y'hear?

Grace and peace ...