Simple moments

Quick story, at the risk of my own embarrassment:

I'd had a hot dog the other day -- I'm not sure what they do to you, but let's just say I was a little bloated.

So, I took care of the problem ... in baby parlance, I tooted.

My oldest daughter -- that's her, by the way -- who is in the midst of potty training, made a gasping noise and said:

"You poopy? Wanna go potty?"

(Maybe you had to have been there.)

When I became a father, I waited for these profound moments of parental joy. I imagined they'd be commonplace, you know?

To be sure, there were some. The first time I heard my daughter say the name of Jesus was such a lovely and moving experience I want her to say it all the time. That's an example. Every time she says, in broken English, "I love you," is another.
But more common are those daily occurences that remind me of how absolutely blessed I am to be a father ... and how important that I realize her life is on loan. If our lives are for service -- and they are -- then we must serve first those to whom God has entrusted us. My life should be spent mirroring Christ to her.

And you want to know something? When that not-quite-two-year-old girl asked her 31-year old daddy if he needed to go to the potty, I'd be willing to bet Jesus had a little laugh Himself.