The Need for Cultural Immersion

Yes, it's audio-visual Monday ... which is, in many ways, my favorite blogging day of the week.

After all, not only is it easy to do, but I get to browse You Tube for interesting stuff.

Quick story: I'm browsing for videos, and I come across a whole slew of prank call videos. Man, that stuff breaks me up. It just does. Of course, I have the sense of humor of an eight-year old -- heck, I am an eight year-old -- but there are few things funnier than someone calling into a live CNN show and pulling a fast one. Someone falling down on ice. That's funnier. Like I said, I'm eight years old.

On to the video, with a little commentary to follow

More evidence of how evangelical thinking has changed in just one generation. When I was growing up, the concept of engaging culture wasn't favorably received. I think it's essential.