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Relating to the lost

"Now, He had to go through Samaria."
(John 4:4)

Controversial stuff in the previous video post from Mark Driscoll, founder and pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle (lots of links to his other stuff on your right), but here and here are quick links for all you lazy people who've never looked at the links section. There are some good things there, you know ... hint, hint.

If you haven't watched the video yet -- it's a little under eight minutes long -- check it out.

Like I said, controversial. At least it's controversial where I come from ... going to a bar to just talk to people, without an agenda or tracts? That doesn't really fly with some of the fundamentalists I grew up with, wonderful people though they are.

I recognize the apprehension in taking advice from any Tom, Dick and Harry with a pulpit, a book or a blog. The fear is that in today's culture, there seems to be a rash of ungodly men and women who love to tell you who Jesus was and what He did just so that they can justify their own lifestyle choices regardless of the morality of those choices.

The problem is, they don't have the first clue who He is because they've never met Him.

Mark Driscoll? Oh, He knows Jesus all right. That's why I think there's a lot of truth to what he's saying here. Your thoughts?

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Relating to Sinners - Mark Driscoll

Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church fame, here brings up an interesting and controversial topic. More to come ...
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Is there a better place to see God's omnipotent handiwork than in the face of a child?

Those are my daughters, by the way ... my first, Belle Maria, is 16 months-old, the firecracker that makes our lives explosive -- and awe-inspiringly beautiful.

That little one? She's Lilly Ann June, our second, born on Monday, October 2 ... Yom Kippur. That's the Jewish day of atonement, set aside by God (and recorded in Leviticus) for the people to fast, rest and receive atonement for their sins.

Now, my decision to accept Christ as my savior already atoned for my sins, but when I see my little June Bug, I'm reminded just how far Jesus has brought me from the life I used to live. If she's not an example of God's prevenient grace and atonement, I don't know what is.

No wonder Jesus admonised his disciples when they tried to prevent children from crowding around him ... maybe He wanted reminding of His most precious creation.