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Throw Marty From the Train

Here's a link to a blog post I wrote for a colleague's Web site. It's also going up on my company's blog, which I'm taking over the content for. Keep an eye out for VecThree.com if you're interested in the search engine marketing industry.
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Bill Hybels and Bono (Part One)

2008-09-15 1 comments

Multi-Media Monday: Bill Hybels and Bono

I haven't watched this yet, so there's my disclaimer. Just haven't had the time during a busy work day. But I've been hearing good things about it. This is part one of three.

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Sorry. It's Funny. It Just is.

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Ivy Jungle Campus Ministry Survey Results

I've worked on and off in college ministry. That's how I heard about Ivy Jungle, and over the years I've participated in a couple of these surveys. They are vital pieces of research (really, akin to what Barna does for the overall population, albeit on a much smaller scale, of course) that provide clear direction for ministers and laity in campus ministry today.

So, read the survey and share your thoughts. I'll take a look tonight and perhaps record some comments of my own.

(So much to write about, so little time...)