Oh so happy

No telephone, no cell phone, no internet, no television ... man, I can't wait.

Heaven? No, not yet. I'm headed to almost heaven. It's Memorial Day weekend, and I'm packing up the wife and kids and headin' for the mountains. We're going here:

That's Pocahontas County, West Virginia, one of the top 10 most beautiful places on God's green earth. Just trust me on that one.
So, no posts this weekend. I'll be back at it on Tuesday. Maybe I'll post some pics of the trip to go along with whatever God reveals this weekend. The mountains are an inspirational place.
Until then, maybe you could say a prayer for my oldest daugher, who is having surgery to correct an eye condition on Tuesday.
It isn't serious, really ... but she's not even two years-old, and this is her mommy and daddy's first time seeing one of their kids going under the knife.
Until then, check out this site, courtesy of the wonderful folks at RBC Ministries.
Grace and peace ...