Potpourri, part two

So, which are you?

Are you this?

How evil are you?

Or, are you this:

How evil are you?

Not to human bash or anything here, but you are more like the latter than the former. Just a fact. I took the quiz twice, and got the first result. I could have easily got the second.

Why? Look at it this way (and this is not an original illustration ... I got it from Don Miller's Blue Like Jazz).

Let's say a parent had twins. One was given discipline, instruction, teaching and training. Right from wrong, not to shoot people, that sort of thing.

The second? He was left to his own devices. Play in the street? No big deal. Kick his brother in the head? Well, boys will be boys, yes?

Not to get into a nature vs. nurture debate here, but how would those two kids turn out? The bottom line is that we are broken. Our souls are damaged property.

Want to know how to fix it?

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