For week ending May 19 ...

Hey, I can understand the guy's stance -- although I've seen (and laughed hysterically at) -- the movie.
But couldn't he have just plugged in the iPod, closed his eyes and taken a nap? Or, at the very least, used the experience to witness instead of coming across as a goody-two-shoes. I'm not sure this episode will help the guy's witness ... indeed, it probably made it worse.
Again, good idea, bad delivery. I'm sure there are more pressing social causes today's Christian teen can take up than mass protests of Victoria's Secret. Wonder if they considered buying some hot dogs at the nearby Dairy Queen and taking them out to the homeless instead?
Wow. That took some guts.
There's an opportunity here, and more people need to realize how important a mission field college campuses are.
Hey, you! Put that tabloid down. It'll rot your brain.
Think it's strange to pray for a pop culture icon? It's not. I've said it before: people like this are miserable. They are searching for something to fill a void in their lives, and that leads to self-destructive behavior.
Sure, I'd rather have a nice root canal than listen to a Britney Spears album. But that doesn't give me the right to laugh at what sin has done to her life, does it?
(But it doesn't help her cause when the post on her website thanking people for their prayers features a picture of Spears pretty much nude. Come on, girl ... help me out here. I want to like you.)