More housekeeping

So here's the plan. The more you update you blogs, the more "pings" you get on blog search engines and the like.

And the more "pings" you get, the more readers you get.

And the more readers you get, the more people hear about Jesus.

And the more people who hear about Jesus ... well, if you know Him, you know what I mean.

So, in the interest of writing something on the blog six days a week -- and that's the plan, for good or ill -- I've decided to have a feature specific to each day of the week, barring Saturdays. That's my day off from adding my two cents to the blog-o-sphere.

Here's the lineup:

MONDAY -- Audio/video day ... there's all sorts of interesting and faith-related stuff on YouTube, VidMax and the like. The plan is to post one of them every Monday.

TUESDAY -- Original content ... you know, the stuff I write

WEDNESDAY -- Links day ... I'm always browsing, surfing -- pick your synonym -- and coming up with interesting sites of faith that are worth visiting.

THURSDAY -- Potpourri ... that's how you spell it, yes? Just a random collection of thoughts, kind of like Jack Handy (a reference you'll get if you were in high school/college in the 1990s.)

FRIDAY -- Original content

SATURDAY -- Yard work, rough-housing with the kids, staying out of trouble with my wife ... typical day off

SUNDAY -- News of the Week

There you go. Hope you'll come back.