My eyes are dry

Ever hear that song by Keith Green? Do a search for it ... well worth it.

I absolutely hate ups and downs in my Christian walk. I'm just a little "out of touch" the past few days. It's all my fault, naturally -- haven't been praying enough, studying my Bible enough, touching enough lives for Christ -- and this is the result. Dry, unfertile land.

(quick sidebar: I'm in the middle of a major overhaul of the site's look. For the five people who might have seen it, please come back and take a look when I have it all worked out. I'm stoked about it.)

This is my garden, by the way. Snapped this picture this afternoon. By the weekend I'll have all my veggies planted and on their way.

Me? I'm going to prepare the soil of my heart tomorrow -- and let "God give the increase."

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