The God of Visa and MasterCard

I never intended this to be a "here's a another interesting thing God did for me" kind of blog, but it seems that way sometimes.

That being said, here's another interesting thing God did for me.

Baskin-Robbins has this absolutely wonderful promotion going on for summer (this isn't an ad, I promise). Every Tuesday, one scoop of ice cream is one dollar.

It's glorious -- my wife can get her double-chocolate chip and rocky road in a cup, and I can get whatever combination of sherbets I'm in the mood for -- all for the low, low price of four bucks and change.

(Oh, by the way ... if Baskin-Robbins doesn't bring Splish-Splash back this summer, I'm not going to be happy ... sure, Wild and Reckless is a fine choice, but nothing beats Splish Splash. Come on, Mr. Baskin or Mr. Robbins. Get with it.)

Another great thing about Baskin-Robbins? They take check cards because, after all, we live in a cashless society now (or close to it.) ... I didn't even have a five-dollar bill in my pocket. So, out comes the plastic.

Anyway, we get our ice cream, I pay for it with my credit card, and my wife, daughter and I all take a seat at the counter and dig in (except my daughter, who isn't a year old yet ... she had to settle for freeze-dried apples -- yum).

We were all close to finishing our ice cream when in walks this guy and says hello to me, by name. I didn't recall ever having met him -- my wife later told me who he is, and I remembered -- but here he was, saying my name.

Mere moments later, the clerk at Baskin-Robbins came around the counter.

"Are you Andrew?" he said.

"That's me."

"You might want this back," he said. It was my credit card. He'd forgotten to give it back, then forgotten who it belonged to.

That is until a guy I'd met only once just happened to walk in right as we were getting ready to leave and say hello to me, by name, loud enough for the clerk to hear him and identify the mystery credit card as mine.

Now, you may dismiss this as pure chance, mere happenstance. And, OK, maybe it was. After all, it wouldn't have been the end of the world had I left my card behind. I'd have remembered where I used it last and gone back to get it. No biggie.

But it would have been an inconvenience. God had other plans.

That scripture from my last entry, the one about how God feeds the birds and that, if He does that, surely He'll take care of us? It's appropos here.

After all, as Jesus said, "You are worth more than many sparrows." Even when you forget your credit card.

There He goes again, taking care of even the trivial things that happen in life. He can take care of you, too.

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