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I've tried a few Christian-based SOCNETs, and haven't been all that thrilled with them. GodTube is OK, HisHolySpace is terrible...you get the point. Theologica? It's still early--there are just 700+ members--but signs are very, very promising. How effective could Christians be with Internet evangelism if they pool their collective resources in one central place? What would such a place look like? Will the collection of different denominations and theological positions that are unavoidable in such a space prevent any real unified evangelistic effort?

Make Your Own Bush Speech
As the modern philosopher Larry the Cable Guy says, "I don't care who you are. That's funny right there." Indeed it is, Larry. Indeed it is.

Smells Like Holy Spirit
Louisville, Kentucky-based Sojourn Church (part of the Mars Hill Church-founded Acts 29 network) came under fire recently for what was seen as intolerant views toward homosexuals. Take a look at this story...was the church unfairly portrayed? Why or why not? Then, read the church's response. Do you like the way they handled the criticism? Did they sound like they were capitulating? How did you take their response?

To the Skater Kid Who Asked to Borrow my Cell Phone
Ran across this blog post from Twitter. It's just a great little story about faith, sharing it and how that can sometimes get messy. Do you have a similar story? What is your greatest witnessing success? What is your biggest failure?

One of Earth's Final Undiscovered People
Is it really possible that there is an undiscovered culture? Apparently so. Anthropologists have reported aerial photographs of one of the last unknown tribes in the world. These people live in the rainforest along the border region between Peru and Brazil. It begs the question: without contact with the outside world, how will these people be judged by God? From where will they find--or reject--redemption? Scripture is not silent on these matters, of course. But what is your doctrinal position on such a complex issue?
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Matt Crist said...

On "One of Earth's Final Undiscovered People":

I'm a little late discovering it, but, wow, good story. Those people looked terrified. I wonder how we usually approach indigenous people?

This story makes me think outside of the box, reminds me of the crab story of buddhist faith describing enlightenment.

A convoluted version:

A crab (crab#1) lives in a box his whole life, until one day another crab (crab #2) crawls inside the box.

Herein lies the story:

Crab #1: Hey you like my home? Crab #2: It's okay, but I like my home better

Crab #1 (astounded): Oh really, so you think you're box is better than my box. Well I've got this whole place to my self and you're not welcome anymore.

Crab #2: Oh, well okay. Bye

Crab #1 (frustrated with Crab #2's reluctance to leave): Well how big is your box?

Crab #2: It's much bigger...come and check it out.

Crab #1 followed the other crab outside of the box and suddenly the ocean appeared. Crab #1's head exploded.

Poor crab...poor indigenous people.

The Candid Christian said...

Interesting analogy. As Christians, it is incumbent upon us to tell others about Jesus. Indeed, Jesus' last commandment to His disciples before he ascended back to Heaven was "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2028:19,20&version=47).

That being said, I often wonder whether we should make contact with people like these and make them aware of the Gospel, or if it's not better to simply leave them alone. There are all sorts of complex theological issues that arise from such a question.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at the blog. Did you have time to take a look around? There is a whole list of my favorite entries that I'll be posting in the sidebar in the next few days. I just did a site re-design and I'm not fully finished with putting all the elements back that I had before. Hope you'll come back.