How Would Jesus Vote? The abortion debate...

Since abortion is a big issue to most evangelical Christians, it's important to note the following blog post, "The Most Anti-Life Candidate Ever."

Of course, ours is a multi-faceted election, with diverse issues such as the Iraq War, the economy and health care all playing central roles. Each candidate, both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, will undoubtedly start revealing policy specifics now that we have presumptive nominees for both parties and with the general elections just months away.

(By the way, I'll be cleaning up the How Would Jesus Vote sidebar in the coming days to reflect the narrow race, and add some more posts on each candidate now that we have to. Also, as soon as we know who the running mates will be, I'll be posting special VP editions of How Would Jesus Vote. Stay tuned.)

The question, then, is this: how big a role does the abortion debate play in your decision this November? Is it important at all? Will the country's laws on abortion change under either administration? How and why? I look forward to your comments.

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