Robert Mugabe might be on his way out...

...but it could mean bloodshed.

A New York Times article is reporting that some of his top advisers, themselves in fear of losing a grip on power, are arguing he should "go to the bush," meaning he should use intimidation tactics to quell any resistance to his government staying in power. Given Kenya's recent election turmoil, it's no stretch to assume similar violence will erupt in Zimbabwe.

So, the dilemma: should the opposition push for a certification of the election results, which appears to favor Mugabe's opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, knowing that it could lead to violence from Mugabe's supporters? Or should the opposition back down so as to avoid it?

Or a third option...does it really matter? Whoever wins, there's likely to be some sort of unrest. Believers everywhere should pray for a peaceful resolution.

Read more coverage here.

Your thoughts?

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