Links, links and more links

If you're not on StumbleUpon, either A) you've never heard of it, or B) there's something seriously, seriously wrong with you.

So, I will neither explain the site nor argue its merits but will simply offer you a sampling of some of the fantastic Web sites I've "stumbled upon" while using Stumble Upon.

Confused yet? Don't worry about it...just check out these cool sites, just in time for Friday. Sorry if I just ruined your productivity. After all, Friday+cool Web sites=an utter and complete loss of productivity. Good thing "sloth" was Thomas Aquinas' hangup, not God's.

On to the links!

One Sentence
Really good writers can tell a story in one sentence. These are really good writers. (Now I'm depressed because it takes me 1,200 words to tell a good story. I'll just move on now before I start crying.)

George Bush's Inbox
This is pretty funny, unless you have Hotmail. Then it's it's very funny.

Religion and Sexual Ethics
I found this somewhat interesting.

Their Circular Life
I don't know what else to call this site but cool. It's just very, very cool.

Mr. Picasso Head
Ever wondered what it would feel like to create priceless works of art? Sorry, this won't do that. But it's the next best thing.

Cannot Find...
Before you chalk this up as a broken link, look very, very carefully. (Much more carefully, it turns out, than whoever said there were WMD in Iraq)

Maps of War
History buff, are you? I'd like to introduce you to heaven...

Well, that should keep you occupied...for a little while anyway.

Grace and Peace...

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