Comment troubles

Thanks to Mister C on Pownce.com, I've realized why no one is commenting on the site: they can't! I've got a bug somewhere on the site, and my limited technical understanding of Web site management has me stumped.

So, I've got Blogger investigating for me, but until then allow me to propose two possible solutions:

1) Join Candid Christian Ministries on Facebook, and comment on the discussion board there; if you do, please notify me by e-mail to CandidChristian@gmail.com or directly through Facebook that you are agreeable to having your comments re-posted here

2) E-mail me either directly from CandidChristian.com or, again, to CandidChristian@gmail.com your comments, and I'll re-post here.

Also, I'm checking into possibly re-instituting a Tag-Board, but I'm doubtful I'll go that route because A) when I had a Tag-Board before, few people used it, and B) the Tag-Board kept getting spammed. Now, being in the Internet marketing business myself, that wasn't too big of a deal for me, but the problem was I couldn't be sure the spam ads didn't have questionable content, so I just got rid of it. If anyone is interested in commenting via a Tag-Board, I'll reconsider. Otherwise, until I get the comment ability fixed, I'm sticking to the previously mentioned solutions.

Grace and Peace...