New blog design

Disclaimer: I am not at all happy with my new blog design. Reason? I designed it myself after jail-breaking a Blogger template I found. And I am not a web designer. At all. Frankly, it shows.

One of the big reasons I changed looks was to switch my blog from the old-school Blogger templates to the new one to better improve comment moderation. The comment moderation I was using was screwing everything up, and I needed to update my template style to incorporate Blogger's comment moderation.

Anyone care to weigh in on the new look? Like it? Hate it? Hey, comment as "anonymous" if you'd like.

The floor is yours...


oncee said...

I like it. I've always liked the reversed type looking. The first versions of 304blogs.com were white type on a black background.

Andrew Beckner said...

Thanks Bill. I've always had white on black background. I was always drawn to that look, too. And while I'm keeping that, I'm headed back to the drawing board with the rest of the blog! Can't wait to just get back to blogging again...a web designer I'm not.