Evangelical Attitudes Survey

I posted one of these polls back in May, and I was so pleased with the response and the fact that it fostered dialogue I'm planning to do it at least twice a month, maybe even weekly. Thursday needs a theme, after all. I have (in theory, at least) themes for most days--Multi-media Mondays, Wednesday Link Day, News of the Week (on Sundays). Polls on Thursdays? Needs a catchier name...

So, fill out the survey below. The first three are "serious" questions, the final one just for fun. Please bear in mind: just as important as taking the survey is sharing your thoughts on the questions. Don't let your opinions float around in the ether. Nature abhors a vaccum almost as much as Web 2.0 does. So, let's get some back-and-forth going.


Anonymous said...

Love the fourth questions. I would like to spend time talking to King David because he seemed to struggle with life's difficulties and temptations yet was able to overcome them with God's help. Maybe he could help me to do the same.

Jason said...

I found the "Who would you rather have dinner with?" to be the most interesting question. I had to think about it for quite a while. I settled on Jonah, because I think I could identify with him more closely than the others.

My second choice would probably be King David, because he'd be the most likely to pick up the tab. :)

Andrew Beckner said...

Glad you both liked the last question. I like posting these surveys and plan to continue doing so, so please visit again.

And the plan from now on is to always add a light-hearted question at the end.

(Looks like David's gonna win this one by a nose.)

-Andrew (CandidChristian)