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Congratulations to Aaron Shust, who won three Dove Awards Wednesday night -- best new artist, best song and best songwriter.
I had a chance to spend a weekend with him as part of The Outpost, a men's ministry his friend, Jim Eaton, runs out of Atlanta. Every summer they invite a bunch of guys to get out in the wild, enjoy good music, conversation and a chance to reconnect with God amid His creation. The ministry's website is here.
Anyway, Shust turned out to be a great guy, of course. It was nice to sing and praise God while he led worship with his guitar. He sang most of the songs from his Anything Worth Saying album -- which is phenomenal, by the way -- around a campfire one night and told us the inspiration around each song. It was quite a cool experience.
By the way, he has a new album coming out. You can pre-order an autographed copy by clicking here.
For those of you who listen to K-Love, it just finished its spring fundraising drive, and fell short of its goal. So, how about heading over to the website by clicking here and making a monthly pledge. Or, if you can't make that commitment, maybe you can make a one-time donation.
Finally, if you live in West Virginia, you should be aware that on June 9 there is a local referendum on whether to legalize table games at the state's four racetracks. Please take action to ensure this doesn't pass. There's a group called the West Virginia Values Coalition that's leading the fight ... so visit their website to see what you can do to help.
I'll be writing more about this issue in the coming days.
Grace and peace ...