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On to the thread ...

The following excerpt is from "Searching for God Knows What," by Don Miller.
"God wired us so that He told us who we were, and outside that relationship, the relationship that said we were loved and valuable and beautiful, we didn't have any worth at all. As horrible as it sounds, it would make sense that things of worth are things God loves, and things that don't have worth are things God doesn't love ... maybe a human is defined by who loves him. I know it sounds terrible, because we have always grown up believing that a person is valuable even if nobody loves them, and I certainly agree with that because God made everybody and the Bible very clearly states that He loves everybody. But if those relations are disturbed, the relatiopns between God and man, then we feel the desire to be loved and respected by other people instead of God, and if we don't get that love and respect, we feel very sad or angry because we know that our glory is at stake, that if there isn't some glory being shown through us by somebody ... we'll be dead inside, like a little light will go out and our souls will feel dark, like nothing can grow there."
Your thoughts? Is this the reason we try to hard to please other people? Are our priorities at fault because we are seeking love and approval from the world instead of from God? Or, perhaps, did you get something else out of the passage?
(Oh, by the way ... I highly recommend reading the book, and another by Miller called "Blue Like Jazz." Look them up on Amazon. You won't be sorry.)