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Don't Call Me Post-Conservative (Christianity Today)
A look at the future of the Conservative movement?

Born-Again Virgins Claim to Re-Write the Past (MSNBC)
Spiritually, it's true. Christ's forgiveness is unconditional.

The Paradox of Community (BuildingSmallGroups.com)
Confession: I know how important community is. Jesus talked about it. Paul talked about it. The book of Acts talks about it. Problem is, a lot of the time I'd just rather be alone. Sorry. It's true.

The Hunger Site
Just click and give. It's that easy. Charity for the lazy. (Not that service should be easy. Heck, most of the time it should be very, very hard. I believe God honors difficult service. But, still, wouldn't it be nice just to give from your desktop every once in awhile? With this site, you can.)

One more way to make giving easy. I include this site because I have a Ripple button included on the right-hand side of the page now. So, every day and as often as you like, you can come here, to this site, and click on the Ripple button and give until your heart's content. If none of that makes sense, go to Ripple and see what I mean.

Jackson Pollack
No explanation for this site, sorry. Just head on over there and see. I promise: you'll have a blast.

Find Sounds
Ever wanted a site where you can find high-quality MP3s of chinchillas, an accordion, or a tea kettle? Hasn't everyone?

The Human Clock
What time is it? Find out here.