Yep, another hiatus

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. If that's true, then I must be doggone adorable right about now.

(You can always chart the ebbs and flows of my Christian walk by how prolific I am in updating the blog, by the way. Just trying to be candid, you understand.)

Changes are afoot -- new job on the horizon, new ministry opportunities that's been taking up some time, challenges at home, stuff like that. It's conspired to keep me from bloggin', for good or ill. I've missed it. I'm praying things will sort of settle down pretty soon. If you think about it, maybe send a prayer or two upstairs and throw my name in the subject line. Jesus will know who you're talking about.

Also, I'm compiling some stuff I've had lying around and doing some more writing on my own that I'm not posting here -- the plan is to compile it all together in book form and then shop it around. Suffice to say there's not a big market for books written by a 30-something one-time borderline alcoholic who doesn't make his living behind the pulpit of a mega-church and who has some often-unflattering things to say about the state of the modern church. Go figure.

Anywho, I'm sittin' at my soon-to-be old job and trying to look busy, so here you go.

I promise to my four loyal readers I'll have something new up pretty soon.

Grace and peace ...