Southern Baptists at a crossroads

Link: Southern Baptists urged to end infighting

Why in the world Southern Baptists are arguing over biblical infallibilty is beyond me. My great-grandfathers would roll over in their graves if they weren't too busy hanging out with Jesus and the Saints (kinda sounds like a rock-n-roll band.)

But arguing over speaking in tongues? Now there's an issue. It's my understanding that the SBC essentially encourages its pastoral candidates to lie prior to placement, if said pastoral candidate does, in fact, have a "private prayer language."

Candidates (or so I've heard) are asked if they have a private prayer language. If they answer yes -- again, we're talking private here -- they are unable to serve as an SBC pastor. Most know this going in, of course, and could embellish the truth if they feel it is in the greater interests of their calling to do so.

The merits of the SBC's stance are debatable. The problem is that pastoral candidates -- again, or so I've heard -- are told the issue can be smoothed over so long as they renounce the practice.

Therefore, if an SBC pastoral candidate truly believes a private prayer language is a gift of the spirit, then that candidate is told he cannot use a gift he believes is divinely given him by God. That's problematic.

(Sorry for the absence. We're all getting back to normal here.)