Friday Link Day

No Communion for Obama Supporters?
Wait, let me see if I understand this. If you support abortion rights, Jesus did not die for you? I'm confused. (That's not the Gospel as I understand it. Whatever happened to Romans 8:1?)

How Do Different Religions Define Death?
I'm not sure this is a point of contention in the Evangelical community. Or am I wrong? Anyone wanna weigh in?

Group Sues Over 'Day of Prayer'
Oh, come on. Get over yourselves. So don't pray. Or, better yet, celebrate the 364 days of the year when most people ignore God.

Text Messaging for Jesus
Give them credit. Christians will make a ministry out of just about anything.


some asian guy said...

yeah, these are the conservative views of a conservative cleric in a conservative part of a conservative state. i think the official view -- at least in the mountain state -- was to not be a one-issue voter. (of course, i can't find the link.)

Andrew Beckner said...

It's a shame, really. Whatever happened to the notion of grace? Doesn't mean I agree with abortion, but I think Christ is a tad bit bigger than one issue--and extends love beyond the mistakes humans make.

some asian guy said...

i think this guy is withholding it with the communion wafers.