Multi-Media Monday: Bill Hybels and Bono

I haven't watched this yet, so there's my disclaimer. Just haven't had the time during a busy work day. But I've been hearing good things about it. This is part one of three.


Anonymous said...

I was at this simulcast of the Willow Creek Leadership Conference in Vienna, VA. I have been to two conferences and they are inspiring. Truly diversified in a good way. I was taken aback to hear that Bono was part of the conference. Bottom Line: he was compelling. Like Bill Hybels, country or Christian music or my parent's BigBand music is more my speed. Yet, Bono, was sincere and passionate about reaching out. And he wanted to do so through churches. The one thing that I felt after this interview was another layer of judgementalism dropping from my "church in a box" expectation. Do you know what I mean? I don't remember if Bono came out & said in the "right" terms that we Christians expect that he is a Christian, but his fruits are lot more Christ-like than some of those loud and profusely professing brothers and sisters. Suffice it to say, this WCLC was superb and I highly recommend anyone to attend if the chance arises.