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You should head over to Parables, Poems and & Songs, a new blog from my friend, Randy Browning. God has blessed him with a talent to express his heart's longing, and Randy is sharing it with a world desperate to hear that there's someone out there who loves them.

That person's name is Jesus, and Randy wants to tell you about Him in a very unique way.

Also, there's an interesting idea going on over at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. My favorite pastor west of the Mississippi, Mark Driscoll, is inviting people to submit a question -- any question -- on which people can vote. The winning question will be answered by Mark in a sermon in the new year. Cool idea, huh?

Head over to Mars Hill Church's "Ask Anything" site here and submit a question, vote on what others have submitted or just browse the selections. While there, you can post your thoughts on the questions and engage others in meaningful dialogue.

Grace and Peace ...