Is there a better place to see God's omnipotent handiwork than in the face of a child?

Those are my daughters, by the way ... my first, Belle Maria, is 16 months-old, the firecracker that makes our lives explosive -- and awe-inspiringly beautiful.

That little one? She's Lilly Ann June, our second, born on Monday, October 2 ... Yom Kippur. That's the Jewish day of atonement, set aside by God (and recorded in Leviticus) for the people to fast, rest and receive atonement for their sins.

Now, my decision to accept Christ as my savior already atoned for my sins, but when I see my little June Bug, I'm reminded just how far Jesus has brought me from the life I used to live. If she's not an example of God's prevenient grace and atonement, I don't know what is.

No wonder Jesus admonised his disciples when they tried to prevent children from crowding around him ... maybe He wanted reminding of His most precious creation.